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Glucomannan Weight Loss & Fat Burner - Burner Stack

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Diet & Weight Loss

All Natural Vegan

Powerful Glucomannan formula to aid your weight-loss journey. Stacked with vital vitamins and natural thermogenic extracts to support fat burning metabolism and enhanced energy. Let's get Burning! 90 Capsules - 1 Month

Glucomannan Weight Loss & Fat Burner - Burner Stack
Glucomannan Weight Loss & Fat Burner - Burner Stack Sale price£25.00 Regular price£29.95
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🥗 Daily Nutritional Reference - 4 Caps 🥗

Vitamin B6 - 1428% NRV

Chromium - 250% NRV

Zinc - 80% NRV

Glucomannan - 2000mg

Green Tea Extract - 2000mg

Raspberry Ketones - 1200mg


High Strength Glucomannan to help you lose weight naturally

Unleash the power of our scientifically formulated Burner Stack, designed to accelerate your weight loss. This advanced blend boosts metabolism, promotes a sense of fullness, and helps maintain balanced energy levels. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and natural extracts, it supports overall well-being throughout the day. Glucomannan, the star of the show in the stack, helps you to lose weight & maintain normal cholesterol, according to the European Health Agency. Our proprietary formula optimizes dosage and complements it with the finest thermogenic and adaptogenic ingredients, ensuring effective results without overwhelming your system. Featuring bioenhancers like Piperine, our blend ensures superior absorption and efficacy, making it the ultimate tool for burning fat effectively.

All for less than a cup of coffee per day!

Weight Loss

Glucomannan contributes to weight loss in the context of an energy-restricted diet. This beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 3g of glucomannan. Take one to two capsules of Burner Stack before each meal with plenty of water.


Choline is essential for lipid metabolism, facilitating the transport and breakdown of fats for energy. This nutrient supports liver function, helping prevent excess fat accumulation and promoting a healthier metabolic rate.


Chromium enhances glucose and protein metabolism, crucial for maintaining energy levels. Vitamin B6 boosts metabolism by aiding the breakdown of fats, whilst reducing cravings through neurotransmitter synthesis in the brain.

Don't just take our word for it...

Join 100's of other weight-loss winners across the globe

"After my third kid, losing weight felt impossible, but Burner Stack changed the game. I've started shedding pounds and the energy boost is a lifesaver for keeping up with the kids and gym sessions. Total lifesaver!"


Tina, 43 - Mum of Three

"Been on Burner Stack for weeks and the results speak for themselves. More defined, less fat, and I'm pushing harder in my sessions. The extra sweat is real!"


Dave, 27 - Bodybuilder

"Totally blown away by the results! I've been using Burner Stack for a month now, and my workouts are on fire! Definitely sweating more and feeling that burn. 🏋️‍♀️💦 It's my secret weapon for fat loss!"


Jess, 34 - Fitness Enthusiast

"I was skeptical at first, but Burner Stack has been a fantastic ally in my weight loss journey. Down 10 pounds and feeling great!"


Samantha, 50 - Office Manager

"After years of triathlons and competition, I wish I had access to Burner Stack a long time ago. I love knowing I'm making every workout count. I feel ready for whatever life throws at me 💪🏼"


Jeff, 65 - Executive

Thermogenic & Adaptogenic Ingredients

High-Quality, Sustainable Ingredients Sourced Globally

Certified Sacred is committed to excellence and sustainability in every product we offer, and our Burner Stack exemplifies this commitment. Featuring a curated selection of globally-sourced ingredients such as Green Tea Extract, Cayenne and Piperine, each component is chosen for its proven effectiveness and sustainably harvested to ensure the highest quality. These powerhouse ingredients, along with others like Chromium and Vitamin B6, combine to support your weight loss journey effectively and sustainably. Explore the detailed profiles of each ingredient below and discover their unique contributions to our most powerful fat-burning formula to date.

Image of Konjac Root, also known as Glucomannan, a scientifically proven weight loss support ingredient.

Elimate Cravings


Glucomannan stands out due to its unique ability to absorb significant amounts of water, transforming into a dense, viscous gel when consumed. This process significantly delays gastric emptying and promotes a prolonged sensation of fullness, effectively reducing calorie intake by minimizing snacking and portion sizes. Its role extends beyond mere appetite suppression, as it also helps stabilize blood glucose levels, reducing the likelihood of energy dips and cravings.

A stack of bright pink Raspberries with some green leaves to add contrast to the image

Fat Burning

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry Ketones add a compelling edge to the Burner Stack with their potential to influence the rate at which the body burns fat. These ketones are thought to trigger the release of adiponectin, a hormone that regulates glucose levels and the breakdown of fatty acids. This can lead to more effective management of body fat, particularly in stubborn areas, enhancing the overall weight loss process.

An image of a small pile of dried green tea, with some fresh green leaves for contrast in the image.

Metabolic Boost

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract is not just a stimulant; it's a powerhouse of antioxidants, primarily catechins, which have been extensively studied for their ability to increase thermogenesis—the body's heat production through calorie burning. The extract’s thermogenic properties, coupled with a modest caffeine content, work in tandem to enhance fat oxidation, making it a critical component for anyone looking to boost their metabolic rate naturally.

A stack of black peppercorns, representing Piperine, an important bio-enhancing ingredient in Burner Stack.

Enhanced Absorption


Piperine is strategic, amplifying the benefits of the other ingredients by improving their bioavailability. Often overlooked, piperine ensures that the body absorbs higher concentrations of these active compounds, maximizing their efficacy and resulting in more significant health benefits. Piperine itself also has a mild thermogenic effect, contributing further to the metabolic processes that make the Burner Stack a vital ally in weight loss.

Some bright red cayenne chili peppers on a white background. The green stalks are present on the chilis providing a pleasant contrast to the red.

Thermogenic Catalyst

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper isn't just a spice for your dishes; it's a potent catalyst for weight loss. The active ingredient in cayenne, capsaicin, is renowned for its ability to enhance thermogenesis—the body's process of generating heat by burning calories. This increase in body heat boosts metabolism and accelerates fat burning, making cayenne a vital tool for anyone aiming to enhance their fat loss efforts naturally. Its thermogenic effect, coupled with its ability to promote fullness, positions cayenne as an indispensable ingredient in any weight loss regimen.

Photo of the proven adaptogen, Ginseng, another important ingredient in KSM66 Stack. It is a light brown root, with green leaves.

Adaptogenic Powerhouse

Panax Ginseng

Ginseng primarily functions to enhance energy levels and bolster metabolic rate, contributing to improved weight loss outcomes. Known for its adaptogenic qualities, Ginseng helps increase stamina and reduce fatigue, which is crucial for sustaining physical activity necessary for burning calories. Additionally, it supports better focus and mental clarity, assisting users in maintaining the mental resilience needed for consistent adherence to weight loss and fitness regimens. Ginseng's ability to potentially moderate blood sugar levels also plays a supportive role in managing cravings and maintaining consistent energy levels throughout the day.

Reap the rewards from all of these incredible ingredients!

🥗 Daily Nutritional References - 4 Caps 🥗

Vitamin B6 - 1428% NRV

Chromium - 250% NRV

Zinc - 80% NRV

Glucomannan - 2000mg

Green Tea Extract - 2000mg

Raspberry Ketones - 1200mg

The Sacred Promise

Certified Quality

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Burning Questions....

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about how our natural ingredients can aid weight-loss

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